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vDPO Services

U.S. & EU-based vDPOs

Reflexive's vDPOs will fulfill your Data Protection Officer (DPO) function. We perform all requirements under Article 39 GDPR, including advising on data protection, providing training, monitoring compliance, consulting on DPIAs, and liaising with data protection authorities. 

Compliance Satisfaction

Reflexive's vDPOs are focused on compliance with GDPR and global privacy laws. We provide the proficiency and oversight necessary to meet your compliance requirements. This includes satisfying the professional expertise and duty of independence requirements under GDPR. 

Experienced & Credentialed

Reflexive's vDPOs are seasoned and credentialed. Our vDPOs have served in privacy leadership roles within major organizations, hold advanced degrees from top universities, and maintain certifications like CIPP/US, CIPP/E, and many others. No junior privacy analysts!

Technologically Savvy

Reflexive's vDPOs are savvy and possess the skills needed to perform their roles in the most technologically demanding environments. We routinely service companies operating in spaces involving AI, financial services, health services, and cloud services, among many others. 

Information Technology

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