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vDPO and vCISO as a service

When data protection and cybersecurity are crucial to the success of your company, but your time and attention are best spent elsewhere.

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Essential compliance in a lightweight package.

Designed for growing companies that need to show maturity and compliance in data protection and information security without the weight of an in-house team.


We can immediately help you:

Satisfy compliancemanage riskestablish capabilities


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Reflexive's data protection professionals assist major clients, globally.

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bespoke services

Training & Tabletop

Satisfy customer and regulatory requirements with privacy and security training and tabletop exercises.

From $2,500/year


Satisfy GDPR Article 37 and obtain timely direction and guidance on data privacy requirements.

From $1,500/month


A "hands on keyboard" style service to manage information security activities and risk within your company.

From $2,000/month

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curriculum vitae

Our professionals have served as:

CISOs, Data Protection Officers, Security Architects, Security Project Managers, and General Counsels at leading companies. 


Our credentials include:


We hold masters and doctoral degrees from leading universities. 

We have 50+ years combined experience.

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1 Parklane Blvd. Ste 805E

Dearborn, MI, 48126


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Tel: (866) 997-4734

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